About Us

We help organizations and individuals to increase their revenue growth, maximize profit, and increase value of their business through innovation and employee engagement.

Trafton International Consulting Group headquartered in Seattle Washington, is a leadership development and management consulting company that help organizations to develop relevant leadership solutions to meet the challenging leadership and organizational growth of the new millennium. We have the proven methods and knowledge to provide you complete leadership education, tools, ideas and solutions to achieve optimal performance and excellence.

The Trafton Consulting Group is a conglomeration of leadership and business experts who have partnered to help organizations/businesses propel into the international market place. Each organization is unique therefore we customize our services to meet the needs of each customer/client. Our unique approach is customer service centered that creates value and fully engaged employees.

With our knowledge and experience, we help organizations to know and understand their customer needs, how to meet the needs, and at the same time we equip the organization managers and teams with proven leadership practices. Our consultants will help organizations to turn operational strategies into the desired results.


Our mission is to help individuals and businesses achieve performance excellence and high level of leadership potential.

Our Team

Dr. Solomon Uwadiale, President / Principal Consultant

Dr. Solomon Uwadiale, CEO and Principal Consultant for the Trafton International Group, LLC is a recognized speaker, executive coach, author, and organizational performance management consultant, with expertise in Developing Strong Organizational Culture, Leadership Development, Employees Engagement, and Executive Coaching for Performance.

He has unique intercultural coaching skills that develop outstanding leaders operating in intercultural contexts.

Solomon is a master at facilitating individuals, teams, and organizations to have transformational breakthrough to get from where they are to where they want to be. He is the author of three best-sellers: 

  • Opportunity Created By Customer Complaints: Using Customer Complaints as a Free Research and 
  • Public Leadership: How Individual Public Leaders Achieve Extraordinary Performance Results.
  • 25 Rules of Engagement for Couples Creating Strong and Successful Relationships

Solomon earned a Ph.D. in Environmental Management and a Master in Engineering management from Columbia Pacific University, and two Bachelor Degrees from the University of Idaho; Executive Management Program certificate from University of Washington and also a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum. Solomon is very involve in the community and loves to cook delicious cuisines.

Dr. Wendy Fraser, President, Wendy Fraser Consulting

Dr. Fraser brings creative energy that is grounded in practical tools and models for her clients. She excels at understanding team dynamics and organization development and can deliver programs with results. Wendy designs efforts that look systemically at operational efficiency and integrate the developmental needs of leaders and people working inside that organization.

Dr. David Whitfield, Founder/Consultant, Integral Leadership Institute

Dr. Whitfield is the Founder and President of Integral Leadership Institute and has over 20 years in experience in training, consulting, career coaching, and graduate teaching, both in the United States and Europe. David believes in lifelong learning. Through facilitation, he enjoys stirring the minds of leaders of all generations, challenging the status quo by encouraging leaders to lead from the heart as well as the mind.

Ms. Natalie Mattson

Ms. Mattson is the Director of Learning Resources at Integral Leadership Institute. She brings over 15 years experience to Integral Leadership in the areas of instruction, facilitation, curriculum design and mediation. As a certified mediator, she volunteers for the Dispute Resolution Center of King County. In addition to her Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communications, she currently focuses her studies on prejudice awareness and education, unlearning racism, intercultural conflict in organizations, and advanced strategies in conflict resolution.

Dr. Michael Leslie, Coach, Speaker, Author, Trainer and Seminar Leader

Dr. Michael Leslie, president of Gemini Advising Inc., is a tenured communications professor at the University of Florida, where he teaches intercultural communication, leadership and ethics. He provides customized consulting and coaching for breakthrough performance, customer service excellence, and culture shift, for individuals, businesses and organizations.
Dr. Leslie speaks English, Spanish, French and Portuguese and has worked professionally in Europe, Latin America and Africa.
He earned his degrees from the University of California at Berkeley (B.A. Political Science), Columbia University in the City of New York (M.S. Journalism), and the University of Washington at Seattle (Ph.D. International/Intercultural Communication).
For more information on Dr. Leslie’s consulting capabilities, please visit www.geminiadvising.com.

Debrena Jackson Gandy

Debrena Jackson Gandy is a best-selling author, highly sought after international speaker, business consultant, trainer, success coach and professional mentor. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, multi-level marketing companies and their top field leaders, government organizations, colleges and universities, small business, professional associations, non-profit and community-based organizations, and solo-preneurs.  She has been featured in national publications such as Oprah’s O, Essence, Ebony, Woman’s Day, and Black Enterprise;  has been a featured guest on over 40 radio shows, and has been seen on TV including CNN Live, CNN International, Good Day New York, Good Morning Texas and the Wisdom Channel. For more information on Debrena Jackson Gandy, please visit www.milliondollarmentor.com.

Dr. Dexter Gordon, Professor

Dr. Dexter Gordon is a distinguished professor of communication and African studies program at the University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington.

He is a long time community leader, he created the All City Race and pedagogy initiative that have drawn attention to hurdles faced by minority students and explored solutions. Dr. Dexter Gordon believes education should be recognized as a civil right and thus strongly endorses Washington State’s requirement of education as a constitutional right.

Dr. Christopher Gilbert, President

Dr. Christopher Gilbert is the principle consultant Global Edge Solution Company located in Seattle Washington. He is currently a Business Conduct and Sustainability Consultant & International Advisory Board member at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Dr. Gilbert is a former provost of Bainbridge Graduate Institute and a seasoned organizational development specialist with skills and expertise in social responsibility, sustainability, strategic planning, business ethics, leadership, agribusiness development and food security programs.

Dr. Leon F. “Skip” Rowland, Executive Director Banner Cross Consulting

Dr. Rowland is the Executive Director of Greater Seattle Chambers of Commerce and owner of Banner Cross, an organizational management consulting company. Dr. Rowland provides personal development, executive coaching and mentoring, and strategic planning within entrepreneurial, corporate, government and educational cultures.