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25 Rules of Engagement – Dr. Solomon Uwadiale

In this book Dr. Solomon Uwadiale shares a compelling personal experience of his past relationship with his ex-wife with whom he was married to for almost 20 years before their divorce. Although the relationship ended in a painful and devastating divorce, today he is a better and transformed husband to his current lovely wife Rosa Lee Sanders. Together they have established 25 rules of engagement as guidance to interact and create the joy and happiness deserving of a strong spousal relationships. Read More

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Public Leadership – Dr. Solomon Uwadiale

At any given moment there are more than 300,000 public-sector managers in the United States, the majority of them aspiring to be effective leaders in spite of a predictable expectation from those they lead, and the citizens they answer to, and to accomplish much with fewer resources.

In this project Dr. Solomon Uwadiale has taken a critical in-depth look at leadership challenges, particularly in the public service realm, and the triumphs of successful public leaders, by exploring twelve successful traits. Read More

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Customer Complaints – Dr. Solomon Uwadiale

Customer complaints can be regarded as a welcome occasion for free research – an opportunity to find out exactly how businesses can improve in a highly competitive, global market, and at the same time gain loyal customers. This book deals with what most customers say and what they really want when they complain.

The information provided in this book will coach any business, large or small, on how to obtain complete customer satisfaction, by encouraging customer complaints. Additionally, it covers critical areas that foster:

  1. A customer complaint-friendly environment;
  2. General customer service in the 21st Century;
  3. Practical ways to respond to customer complaints successfully; and
  4. Actual case studies of customer complaint management systems for both private and public organizations.

Reading this book will provide an insight in the effectiveness of encouraging and employing customer complaints as opportunities for improvements, for validating change, and for growth and success in an organization.

$20.00 + S&H