Supplier Diversity Program Development

With present global market competiveness it is important for organizations to realize that having an effective and efficient supplier diversity program is not just a moral imperative but a business reality if one wants to remain viable as a going business.

At Trafton Group we help organizations to incorporate supplier diversity into their day-to-day procurement practices with leadership commitment to fair business opportunities for minority and women owned enterprises. Subsequently this allows our clients to broaden its offerings, and enhance the quality and positive results.

Our approach to helping organizations to build awareness of the importance of effective supplier diversity program to a point where this is considered business as usual and accepted includes:

  • Assessment of company business culture and procurement practices
  • Statistical analysis of contractual opportunities
  • Submitting an official report of findings and recommendations for industry best practices
  • Participation in implementation strategies (optional)
  • A follow-up to implementation

In addition we provide consultation, training and act as an exceptional liaison between our client and minority/women owned businesses.

Seven Ways to Improve Supplier Diversity Program:

1.      Develop a Business Case for Supplier Diversity.

2.      Solicit Management Support.

3.      Establish written Policy and Procedures.

4.      Establish Organizational Awareness of Supplier Diversity.

5.      Establish Strategic Alliances and Relationships.

6.      Establish Strategies for Small  /Minority Businesses Opportunity to participate in Contracting Opportunities.

7.      Establish a Reporting System, Accountability, and Mentoring Opportunities.

Call us to assist you in setting up a robust supplier diversity program that can be embedded in your culture and expressed through your vision, mission, and values.